Carrie C.

I have severe asthma. My symptoms have worsened over the past five years. The past two times I have been hospitalized, it was due to air quality/particle exposure. 

In Washington we have a "fire season" and last October our air quality was WORSE than in China or India. WORSE!!! I was unable to attend several college football games, as the air quality was so bad. I needed to use my breathing treatments frequently and also needed oxygen support. 

The game I did attend (against medical advice---but I LOVE my team!) left me needing oxygen and breathing treatments every hour despite using an N-95 mask. I was unable to cheer for my team and can't remember if we won or lost. I think we won, but I LOST! 

Asthma is the worst. Severe asthma is even more awful! But NOT being able to attend outdoor events that I LOVE such as cheering on my hometown college football team was the absolute worst!

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