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Verna I.

We moved on to this "no smoking property" seven-plus years ago. Our landlady used to live on the property but has since moved off. A new tenant moved in two years ago. Someone was smoking and when I would inhale the smoke, it would set off respiratory spasms, much like asthma. I wonder if I have developed asthma. My doctor has been keeping medical records every time I have to be on antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments. We were having a difficult time telling exactly who was smoking on the property. This individual walked all around the property dosing everyone. The wind would blow our direction and I get very ill. If we call authorities we could be evicted as this individual is a perfect friend of the landlady. For this reason, I believe my husband now has Hypertension, as well as myself trying to stay second-hand smoke -free. Hawaiian afternoons can become horribly miserable not being able to breathe "fresh air", especially in the Hawaiian islands. We know who now, little we can do about it. There need to be better laws in place to protect people from secondhand smoke. 

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