Edwa S.

I was a life long resident of Baltimore, Maryland. The humidity and mosquitoes during the summer and the snow and ice during the winter motivated my wife and me to move to a warmer, dryer climate. We chose Cave Creek Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona where my sister had lived for a number of years. Once moving here, we loved the outdoors, hiking, biking and walking. But, I found when relaxing outdoors in my rear yard, where I nap, sunbathe, read, swim and garden for multiple hours--specifically, 2-6 consecutive hours at a time as the dry, shady conditions allow.

After the first month, I found I was coughing, which I had never done before, as I am a nonsmoker. I also was finding that a mild headache followed my extended periods of outdoor enjoyment. After further research, I found that the Phoenix Metro area has pollution issues. And it was these pollution issues that were causing my problems. I now find that after limiting my outdoor exposure time to 1-2 consecutive hours, I no longer have the aforementioned symptoms. This finding was disappointing as the move to Arizona was made to get to a better climate.

Oh well, you know what they say about “best-laid plans." My wife and I are rethinking our retirement location and are researching areas with lower air pollution to find the right place to live based on our weather and environmental requirements.

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