Cholena H.

I live in Long Beach, California and have difficulty breathing. I have had to go to specialists who prescribe medications to open up my lungs and also help me with allergic reactions that I am having to the water. I have not had these problems before and can't understand why there are so many people in college studying to be professionals and we can't solve our air problem.

There is nothing we are gaining by making our air bad to breathe in. I have spent a lot of tax payers money on medical costs and medicine. I believe that we need to plant more green areas.

In my science class, I learned that normal oxygen in a room is around 14 percent. That is about the same percentage that people are forced to plant greenery at construction sites. I feel that if we upped the number of greenery we are planting, then we would boost our amount of air we have to breathe. Our lungs will get old and it's not fair to rely on them so much.

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