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Dani C.

Most of my poor air quality experiences are related to secondhand smoke and secondhand vapor, indoors and outdoors. The most recent experience was in an apartment where secondhand smoke was coming into my space through the HVAC system - it was intense and it was daily. Management had few ways to alleviate the issue, and they gave me two options to protect my lungs from the cancer-causing smoke. First, to live with the "unpleasantness" until my lease expired (about 9 mos.) or second, pay a $300 fee to end my lease early. I walked away wondering, why do I feel like I am being penalized for standing up for my lungs? Why was I the only one with a sense of urgency to get me into a safe and clean environment?

So, we can fake our way through a lot of stuff, punt a lot of things and talk ourselves into circles, but healthy air? Come on. I am not okay with it. Our approach to healthy air is ancient and outdated. We will become dinosaurs if we continue to be complacent about our healthy air. I wish I was preaching to the choir - sooner than later.

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