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Carol B.

We sold our lovely home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to come to Okatie, South Caroline and build a patio home in a planned. We moved here in November 2018 and both of us began experiencing respiratory issues.

My husband had been diagnosed with interstitial fibrosis in 2012 but had continual monitoring with excellent reports for over seven years. Since moving, he was in the ER three times and me once. Many of the neighbors are also experiencing breathing problems.

Unfortunately, we just found out that very close to our new homes, a heartless businessman has been building an enormous construction dumpsite as high as the high-tension powerlines, and it has been burning for over four months! We have been inhaling particulates that are carcinogenic and dangerous. We were so upset when my husband's pulmonary specialist reported this week that his condition had progressed!!! And, we know why!

The EPA is now on this, but we have been breathing this for a very long time. We believe the news media won't mention the issue because of the new home sales! What about the future of our health, one year, two years or three years from now?

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