Particle Pollution - 24 Hour Learn More Grade: A How is my grade calculated? Weighted Average: 0.0 Change Since 2000:
fewer days this year
Particle Pollution - Annual Learn More Grade: Pass How is my grade calculated? Design Value 9.0 Change Since 2000:
Groups At Risk Learn More Total Population: 7,436 Risks to the population Pediatric Asthma: 98 Risks to people with Asthma Adult Asthma: 439 Risks to people with Asthma COPD: 401 Risks to people with COPD Cardiovascular Disease: 606 Risks to people with Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes: 617Risks to people with Diabetes Children Under 18: 1,705 Risks to children and teens Adults 65 & Over: 1,524 Risks to older adults Poverty Estimate: 1,191Risks to people with low incomes

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