We all have a reason to fight for clean air. Check out some personal stories below that highlight the need for healthy, safe air, and click here to share your own.

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Meet Sammy, a soon-to-be eleven-year-old asthmatic youngster who is told that he must leave his home, travel unaccompanied to an asthma facility in a new country with a different language and not have contact with his family and friends for the next two years. This memoir is based on a chapter in my life when I left my country of origin to seek treatment in the USA, not speaking a word of English and leaving my family behind for two years. Read more at
I have developed allergies that cause sinus congestion and migraine headaches. I seem to be allergic to being outdoors for very short periods of time, both in our Ft. Myers winter home and in our home in Canada, which is 20 miles away from any city or manufacturing facilities that would produce chemical pollution. Being outdoors this summer for even a half hour per day has caused me to have sinus infections, which triggers very painful migraine headaches that keep me from living a normal life with decent sleep Read more at
I am a 56-year-old man and have a condition called pulmonary hypertension, which means blood doesn’t flow properly between my heart and my lungs. I also have COPD. Read more at
I have a liver disease and am sensitive to toxins in the air, especially those generated by a local paper mill. When the air is foul, I don't feel well. Read more at
I have had asthma since I was a child. My father smoked constantly before we knew the effects of cigarette smoke. He didn't believe it hurt me and said it was all in my head. Read more at
I want to fight for air, because the air is my property. I need it to live. Read more at
As a respiratory therapist with 24 years of experience in the hospital setting, I have provided treatment to adults and children experiencing various respiratory conditions that are worsened by poor air quality. Read more at
Asthma doesn't run in our family, so how come all three of our grandchildren suffer from asthma? Read more at
I have asthma, my children have asthma and my grandchildren—all four of them— have asthma. My mom had asthma and died at the age of 43 from it. I worry about air quality for me and even more for the future because of my children and grandchildren and the air they will have to cope with. Read more at
I want everyone to have clean air to breathe. My grandparents died from lung cancer, and my mom died from a lung disease. I do not want to die from cancer or a disease because the quality of air I am breathing makes me sick. We all deserve to live long, healthy lives. Yet, we might not be able to, because our poor air quality forces us to breathe harmful pollutants. Read more at
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FACT: Seventeen of the 25 cities with the worst annual particle pollution saw their lowest-ever levels, including Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

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