The American Lung Association State of the Air® 2012 is the result of the hard work of many people:

In the American Lung Association National Headquarters: Paul G. Billings, who supervised the work; Janice E. Nolen, MS, who directed the project, analyzed data, wrote the text, and coordinated print and web presentations; Nick Sukachevin, who analyzed data and coordinated field outreach and e-advocacy; Kholla Ahmad, who assisted in the data analysis; Zach Jump, MA, and Elizabeth Lancet, MPH, who converted the raw data into meaningful tables and comparisons and calculated all the population data; Susan Rappaport, MPH, who supervised the data analysis; Norman Edelman, MD, who reviewed the science and health discussions; Jean Haldorsen, who supervised production and creative for the print edition; Betty Yuan-Cardinal, who supervised the online production; Todd Nimirowski, who directed the online presentation; Katherine Barry Ishibashi who managed content production online ; Laura Lavelle, who developed e-outreach and the e-cards, and Carrie Martin, Mary Havell, Gregg Tubbs and Mike Townsend who coordinated internal and external communications and media outreach.

In the nationwide American Lung Association: All Lung Association field offices reviewed and commented on the data for their states. Hard-working staff across the nation went out of their way to ensure that their state and local air directors were in the loop.

Outside the American Lung Association: Allen S. Lefohn of A.S.L. and Associates, who compiled the data; Deborah Shprentz, who researched and reviewed the science; Beaconfire Consulting, who made enhancements to the website features; Randy Tibbott of Our Designs, Inc., who designed the print version; Randy Krum of InfoNewt, LLC, who created the infographics; and Cindy Wright of CJW Associates, who developed marketing and field materials.

Great appreciation goes to the National Association of Clean Air Administrators, who along with their Executive Director Bill Becker, strove to make this report better through their comments, review and concerns. Many of their members reviewed and commented on the individual state data presented and the methodology to help make this report more accurate. We appreciate them as our partners in the fight against air pollution. This report should in no way be construed as a comment on the work they do.

A key partner in this work is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The professional staff of the Agency has long been dedicated to the fight for clean air.

The American Lung Association assumes sole responsibility for the content of the American Lung Association State of the Air 2012.

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FACT: The American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2012 report shows continued strong progress in improved air quality, but unhealthy levels of air pollution still exist across the nation.

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