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Submitted by Anonymous at: May 12, 2011
The no smoking law in Wisconsin is a sham as it is not being enforced. Several bars throughout the state allow and even encourage smoking and local police departments or county sheriffs do nothing about it. Your organization needs to get tough on authorities to step up enforcement. (Ever heard of "Mothers Against Drunk Driving"? Good model to follow. I am tired of going into bars and smelling smoke and seeing ashtrays on the bar. Then I get into an argument and none is happy. ENFORCEMENT of the law is overdue !
Submitted by racinemama at: May 3, 2011
I live about 5 miles from a new power plant in SE WI that is run by coal. During the past 1.5 years, I've noticed that I have a large amount of black soot collecting on my interior walls and appliances. I think the culprit is the coal but am trying to find anyone else who is experiencing this issue too.

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