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Submitted by Hugh Coleman at: April 27, 2011
No matter if you live in a clean location of not, there are many things you can take to bolster your systems ability to cope, stay young, and survive. Yes, do not smoke real cigarettes is a good choice, but one of the year after year top sellers at Gero Vita or their clone, VitaStrong is Lung Support Formula. I and many others have taken it for years, there are books of comments by customers that strongly feel they are alive today because of this product. I take it when I feel it can help, on occasion I go months between times I take it. Yes, we are going to improve our air, reality tells us because of many factors we have no choice, but my point is a simple one, do not die while you are waiting for the dog and pony show set actually do something, spend less than $40 a year on your own and you will be happy you did.

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