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Submitted by Judiana at: July 4, 2011
I live in Wise County, VA, in the town of Big Stone Gap. The air quality is horrible, with visible dust everywhere. A lot of this can be attributed to fugitive dust from the high traffic volume of coal trucks. This town is two miles from a mountaintop removal coal mine operation, located on Black Mountain. The surrounding coal camp communities suffer greatly from high rates of cancer, asthma, black lung, etc. The non profit group, Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards, has traveled to the Virginia Air Control Board in Richmond many times and they refuse to help us. I am asking you what can be done on our behalf? People are choking to death here. There has been an air monitor installed near the elementary school, in Appalachia, VA, and although I'm not privy to the numbers, I am positive there will be a high reading. Someone from the ALA should come here and conduct an air study before more folks succumb to bad air.

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