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Submitted by HOUSTON we have a problem at: August 26, 2011
And because it's the oil industry and vehicle traffic we aren't going to fix it any time soon. This is TEXAS afterall... there's a long history of ignoring the bad that pays well. Avoid Houston if you want a breath of fresh air!
Submitted by Filthy Air Breather at: August 15, 2011
I'm thrilled that Rick Perry is running for president. Under his leadership, the state has zero to no enforcement of air quality levels. His under the table deals with corporate polluters and drillers has given Texas one of the worst air quality ratings in the country. Hopefully the state can find new leadership that cares about the welfare of the people not their pocketbook.
Submitted by Graybeard at: May 23, 2011
If smoking and second-hand smoke are so bad for our society, why are cigarettes still allowed to be sold? The ALA has been against cigarettes for many, many years now - what is the progress in getting them banned? You need to go for the dealers/distributors, not the users. Or are you afraid of them and their lobby money?
Submitted by Scooter at: May 5, 2011
EPA has rules for 2nd hand smoke from cigarettes, but not from neighbors that burn trash upwind & some of that includes things that explode & tires. They say they do, but they don't do ANYTHING about it. Does anybody out know who I can contact to stop burning in Texas? I live in a county that is always the LAST to issue a burn ban.
Submitted by Hogangaryfwtx at: May 2, 2011
There is No doubt that the air quality in the Tarrant County area has been impacted greatly because of the cement kilns South of Fort Worth but with the increased and uncontrolled release of VOC, toxins and just raw Methane a high gas producer of Ozone produced from the Barnett Shale area which expected to equal all ground transportation sources all cars trucks and trains in our already non attainment to federal standards . How can we ever expect clean healthy air in this area unless the gas operators are required to use Vapor Recovery sysytems , green completion technologies which are readily valable and cost effective?
Submitted by Sam at: April 27, 2011
I do not believe the grade you gave us. We have been in non-attainment of the Federal Clean Air Act for over 20 years and natural gas drilling has contributed more pollution than all the cars in a 9 county area. I think we deserve a worse grade especially since drilling almost killed me setting off carbon monoxide detector multiple times.

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