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Submitted by KinPhilly at: July 4, 2011
What does a grade of F mean? There should be an explanation of the grades on the page, don't you think?
Submitted by Polluted in Houston PA at: May 9, 2011
The air quality in and around Houston, PA has changed dramatically since 2 large NG plants have been built West and NW of Houston. The night time air is filled with strong chemical smells (research indicates all cancerous) and many trucks going through the town to both sites. They've not only taken the air quality below F but the whole area is in a danger zone with millions of gallons of LPG being transported by truck and rail, raising ozone levels. With the PA Gov. signing 10 lease permits a day, they are not regulated, exempt from taxes, clean air, clean water and the public right to know acts along with many other environmental regulations. Like many other communities being overrun by the Oil and Gas Industry, we (and the wildlife, marine life ) need help.
Submitted by Statistical Bias at: May 5, 2011
I'm not so sure you can rate only a few of the populated counties and then try to access the situation across the entire state. I realize that sample populations of about 5% will give good data, IF the data is collected randomly. To me, and I may have missed something, but it looks like the Data Set, as gathered by monitoring stations in counties, is biased by the counties they sit in. How about a report card grade for Venango, Clarion, or Forest County? I also believe that the illnesses are more due to smoking than from air quality as a whole, so I do applaud efforts to get people to stop smoking. I do not agree with trying to paint an entire state "at risk" due to statistical manipulations.
Submitted by Robin at: May 3, 2011
I don't understand the grades --- how can a county get F in Ozone and F in PM and still get an annual pass? Grade inflation? :) The chart fields require some brief explanation please. Thanks!
Submitted by always breathless at: April 28, 2011
Nothing is done by this state and it's pollution and dirty air. State and Washington are deaf to enforcing legislation for cleaning up the air quality.
Submitted by Ralph at: April 28, 2011
no monitors in Cumberland county? They have more trucks travelling through there than anywhere....very suspicious!!
Submitted by outtabreath at: April 27, 2011
Pathetic situation in State with so many Universities, or is that reason for huge medical facility growth - the air pollution. Sold house; leaving smog/smoke/coal/shale/frac/chemical plant fumes/nuclear plants/backyard burning...
Submitted by Concerned at: April 27, 2011
PA scores an F & Allegheny County scores >13. Visit downtown Pgh-you'll walk through a smoke fog as smokers congregate on the sidewalk. People should be able to walk around without being enveloped in smoke. Other states have banned it-- yet PA refuses to follow suit.

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