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Submitted by Choking in Cleveland at: May 5, 2011
We moved to suburb of Cleveland about 2 years ago and our small son has been having breathing problems since. We found unusual thing that whenever it rains the breathing for him and dad is WORSE. Is there any data out there to support the worsening of breathing when it rains. We suspected mold to be an issue and actually recently tested our garage which grew this fluffy white subtance on floor whenever the cars weren't moved for a few days - grew Cladosporium & Rhizopus Mucor. Am attempting to find out if these are unusual molds for the area and if we can find a way to investigate local mold species so when we move we can go to a region that DOESN'T have such species in a large enough amount to cause the issues our child's been dealing with. Any insights from anyone on how to find out local mold counts for specific species????
Submitted by kc at: April 27, 2011
Wow, this surprised me - and scares me at the same time.

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