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Submitted by mellie at: June 2, 2011
My county in NC is not listed. I guess the Amer. Lung Assoc doesn't care about my county - Cleveland County with Shelby as the seat.
Submitted by Cat at: May 20, 2011
Not knowing that there are coal-fired power plants in the western north Carolina and the hazardous air pollutants from these plants, I moved to Asheville, NC several months ago. My apartment is about 5 miles north of the Arden coal-fired power plant. When the wind is calm or the wind comes from the south, I have asthma symptoms; probably because of the toxic air pollutants from the power plant. I hope that the American Lung Association /EPA can have web sites not only showing concentration of ozone and PM2.5 but also a listing of environmental hazards (e.g. coal-fired power plants) in all US cities.
Submitted by bill at: May 4, 2011
Air I breath is just fine. I don't need more government regs to further incovenient me cost bussiness money really does very little to clean the air. Check the science on second hand smoke. Dubious at best. Even the who. says second hand smoke poses little danger.C
Submitted by Gladys at: May 1, 2011
When I lived in Maggie Valley I had many trips to the ER because of breathing problems. I wasn't smart enough to check the air pollution report in the daily newspaper. I now have COPD and CHF. The mountain-top trees should have warned me.

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