New York

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High Ozone Days
Ozone Grade: DNC How is my grade calculated?
Weighted Average: DNC No Data
Particle Pollution - 24 Hour
Grade: A How is my grade calculated?
Weighted Average: 0.0 Change Since 2000:
fewer days this year
Particle Pollution - Annual
Grade: Pass How is my grade calculated?
Design Value 5.8 Change Since 2000:
Groups At Risk
Total Population: 109,715 Risks to the population
Pediatric Asthma: 2,293 Risks to people with Asthma
Adult Asthma: 8,536 Risks to people with Asthma
Chronic Bronchitis: 3,774 Risks to people with Chronic Bronchitis
Emphysema: 1,873 Risks to people with Emphysema
Cardiovascular Disease: 31,697 Risks to people with Cardiovascular Disease
Diabetes: 7,634Risks to people with Diabetes
Children Under 18: 22,826 Risks to children and teens
Adults 65 & Over: 14,824 Risks to older adults
Poverty Estimate: 17,504Risks to people with low incomes


(1) INC indicates incomplete monitoring data for all three years. Therefore, those counties are excluded from the grade analysis.
(2) DNC indicates that there is no monitor collecting data in the county.

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SOTA 2011 Survey