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Submitted by oakmando at: May 6, 2011
OWBs emit high levels of particulate that is directly associated with acute cardiovascular disease events. EPA needs to abort their current track and push high efficiency burning units. They are 100 times cleaner than OWBs. OWBs make a bad name for all woodburners and EPA and DEC need to look at the real facts, not just stick with their stupid test method because that's what they got. Real people are suffering. Its time for a reality check.
Submitted by Lady in NY at: May 6, 2011
We here in New York need to follow suit with Washinfton state on outdoor wood boilers. I think passing watered (DEC part 247)down regulations only makes things worse. I live with one and now I can't even open my windows in the summer months. Have high b/p, get headaches and nose bleeds. My mother had 3/4 of her left lung removed, COPD and Iam sure that having an OWB down wind did't help her when she was still alive. Now I get to be the complaining neighbor in my town. The town would rather wait for state to come out with their watered down version. These people should take a good LONG HARD look in the mirror at the pollution they cause the whole neighborhood. HELP NEW YORK BECOME A CLEANER STATE!
Submitted by City Dweller at: May 6, 2011
Several cities in New York State prohibit the use of wood burning when having an outdoor fire. Currently, the City of Syracuse is the only major city in the State left that does not prohibit the use of wood in outdoor fires. Those who complain about the smoke are treated by the fire department as if they are joykills and that their complaints are unfounded. I thought the City of Syracuse was trying to clean up it's air quality. Apparently it puts partying over the value of the air people in the neighborhood have to breath. The Lung Association should rank cities and towns by the laws that they have that restrict air contaminants.
Submitted by Scott at: May 6, 2011
NY legislators, under pressure from the NYS Farm Bureau and Outdoor Wood Boiler manufacturers, is getting ready to pass extremely lienient smoke emmission standards for Outdoor Wood Boilers. If organizations such as the American Lung Association actually cared about air quality, they would get involved in this legislation to counter the special interest involved in polluting our air in New York.
Submitted by lady in Saugerties at: May 6, 2011
The New York response to the wood boiler air pollution problem is totally inadequate. S4383 sets the standard far too low. I live in rural Ulster County where wood boilers are prolifterating to the extent that despite the open fields and woodland around me it can often seem I live in the middle of an old fashioned factory town. I live UPWIND of a neighbor's wood boiler, but in spring, winter and fall, whenever the wind shifts, I get a lungfull of whatever he's burning that makes me choke. He's much closer to his downwind neighbors, and I know they have complained to him, but the smoke contines. As things stand a wood boiler owner can site one of these killers within 50 feet of a neighbor's house, the distance of the property line.
Submitted by Research Girl at: May 5, 2011
The EPA and the NYS DEC are both guilty of ignoring the air quality of rural NY. Why did EPA pass regulations 20 years ago for wood STOVES but then grants "waivers" and has no REGULATIONS for wood BOILERS? NYS now has an estimated 35,000 wood boilers. People living downwind are getting up to 269 g/hr of pollution compared to .04 g/hr for gas furnaces (See AG Report, Smoke Gets in Your Lungs). DEC has laws, they don't enforce. They passed Part 247 condoning boilers that emit up to 95 g/hr. NY Senator Young then bullied them into delaying Part 247 for 3 months. Why does she not breathe? NY needs an Emission Standard as the State of Washington has had for 20 years. State of Oregon just adopted similar Legislation. Why is NY so behind? Air Monitors need to be where people are and they need to take REAL measurements not AVERAGES. It is time to stop NY getting primarily air grades of "F," and "D" from American Lung. We need American Lung to stand up and demand that bio-mass meet at a minimum the same emissions as oil -- .07 g/hr. To do any less w/1 in 11 NYers w/asthma is ridiculous. The health care costs to NY are getting higher and higher because of our air quality. Once EPA moves down the level, it is expected the City of Rochester will NOT meet attainment. Not meeting attainment means loss of Federal dollars. WAKE UP NYS Legislature, Environmental Groups and American Lung. Wood boilers are killing not only those downwind but costing everyone else. See for a report on the dangers of wood boilers.
Submitted by peachy at: April 27, 2011
Why don't you have the air quality for Ontario County? Where the nasty landfill spreads methane atleast 15 miles away from it.

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