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Submitted by custom at: June 30, 2011
North Muskegon, Michigan June 30 2011 "Why does the air here smell like a foundry?" For the first time I got a headache and my eyes started burining as I went to the store. What is going on?
Submitted by Clean air freak at: June 16, 2011
We have been attempting to educate our local township on the hazards of air pollution associated with campfire smoke. While they will listen there is little or nor action. The Township has outlawed OWB thankfully. the pervayers of the smoke Christian Conference grounds are more concerned with saving souls than preserving the health of thier neighbors.
Submitted by Spaz at: May 14, 2011
For four years I have been battling with our city council to get a ban on burning in the city to no avail, even though burning of garbage has been linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's according the National Institute of Health Envirnonmental Science Site. We have a high cancer rate and people frequently go to U of M for help--yet we still do not have the DEQ's bill that was supposed to go into action on April 1 because of politics. Let's watch our loved ones die of cancer and other horrible illnesses due to burning (the #1 pollutant in the state--not cars or factories!). May our politicians wake up before the Michigan residents that want to live here are all dead! please ban the burning of garbage--including papers in the state. Leaf burning should be banned in our city also, as we have leaf pick-up-but that has not happened either. Hope no one gets poison ivy in the lungs--not fun!
Submitted by hatesmoke at: May 6, 2011
I agree with the comment on firepits. And also habachis and barbecue grills and hookas. The idiots around my neighborhood have discovered fire and use it continuously day and night. And when I say night, I mean well into the 3:00AM hours. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and even with all the doors and windows closed, it's like being outside, the smell is so bad. HELP!!!!
Submitted by Firesmokes at: May 5, 2011
Something needs to be done in Michigan regarding the outdoor fire pits in residential areas. Our area is so bad with them that you can not open the windows and get fresh air in at night. If these people want to be up north than go but residential areas should be band having these. American Lung Association, what are you doing about this? Isn't wood smoke listed on your site as being very bad for you?
Submitted by pinkysboys at: April 27, 2011
The neighbor directly next door has an outdoor wood boiler which he uses for heat. Sometimes the stench is so bad we can't make it from our car to our house without smelling like that. We can't open windows. You can't breathe the air. There is no wood pile. Who knows what he burns (or smolders, which is what an outdoor wood boiler does). The law in Michigan now is that people cannot light a cigarette in public places. How is he allowed to pollute an entire neighborhood?

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