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Submitted by miracle girl at: June 3, 2011
We are thinking of moving to the Big Island. Heard the vog was awful and should move to maui. Just read about the burning of fields there. Which island really has the cleanest air? I have very bad allergies.
Submitted by SilentDoGood at: May 4, 2011
What about the indoor air of State and City buildings? They should use "NASA's Clean Air Plant Study and India's Grows Fresh Air -TED" to improve the indoor environmental air.
Submitted by Mauiguy at: April 27, 2011
One would expect the air on a mid pacific island to be pristine. Unfortunately we have sugar cane grown all over Maui and to save money, the producer sets the fields ablaze, burning off the unwanted portions of the crop before harvesting. That fills the air with dense clouds of smoke and debris which drift over large populated areas. Worse, they then plow the dry fields sending up plumes of dust which are likewise carried far and wide. The growers apparently have a private O.K. from the old boy government network in D.C. to subject people to this pollution. So much for the "Clean Air Act."

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