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Submitted by Fed up at: August 21, 2011
Our elected officials are in bed with the big polluters in Tampa. They are TECO and the big oil companies. Senator Marco Rubio received a $218,000 campaign contribution from big oil and then voted to give the Big Oil companies a Five Billion Dollar Tax Break. This was given to an industry that made over 100 BILLION DOLLARS in profits in 2010. This is done at a time when the federal Government is short on cash and needs every dollar to make ends meet. Senator Rubio besides the money they gave you why would you vote to give big oil a 5 Billion a year tax break. You are a disgrace to the people of Florida and the USA along with the other Senators that were bought and paid for by BIG OIL. Your supposed to be representing the people. A government of the people by the people and for the people. It doesn't say anything about selling your vote to the guys with the most MONEY. You should be ashamed of yourself and you will be voted out of office at the next election regardless of all your ill gotten campaign contributions. Shame on You and your entire family.
Submitted by 1990 at: July 17, 2011
"The American Lung Association fought to strengthen the Clean Air Act in 1990. " Can't we fight more than every 21 years??
Submitted by Air Force Cities at: July 17, 2011
It has been shown that the cities closest to Air Force bases like Panama City and Tampa, have worse air than other areas of the state.
Submitted by Horrible Air! at: July 17, 2011
The planes continually spray chemtrails due to weather geoengineering, this is out of control in our area, this weekend alone was absolutely horrible. A chemtrail (nickname for weather geoengineering) is like a contrail but much longer and stays in the air, eventually dissipating into a hazy sky - the idea is to block the sun to slow global warming, yet there is no disclosure to the public and it is harmful to our health). Our air rating in Tampa is an F!!! Who is doing anything about this?????????
Submitted by Gator at: June 8, 2011
I appreciate the ALA's efforts and this report. However, like much research the synopsis is too broad and lacks specifics. How can ALA say that all of Broward or Palm or Dade has the same air quality? Logic and common sense dictate that the air closer to the ocean would be cleaner than inland and near the interstates. Why lump it all together? How is this meaningful or of any assistance for people who need to live in these areas due to work and/or family demands? Keep up the great work, but please offer more local data to truly help out.
Submitted by Kimber at: May 28, 2011
I wish Florida would adapt the No Smoking in Bars and Taverns like Illinois. There should be no reason that someone that wants to go out just to sing karaoke should have to suffer because people want to smoke inside because they're too lazy to go outside. It's not hard to adopt a policy like this or at least make it where bars have a room where smokers can go to because I'm tired of smelling like smoke when I leave and having to shower immediately when I get home from singing. Plus it's not good for my voice. It's a shame that I may end up with throat cancer because this state can't adopt a cleaner public air space. Please help!
Submitted by KindMind at: May 11, 2011
Sarasota, Ozone air warning in effect today, but let me comment on the constant off-gasing of the sewage processing plant downtown. Sewage gas is harmful to health yet this continues and no one even mentions it! All the golf courses(27 surrounding) chemicalize their greens, water overnite, and then the hot sun hits them during the day which must cause noxious vapors, no? When the days heat up and the air just sits around it's yucky. I've become a shallow breather and my yoga instructor wants to know why I'm holding my breath. Yet, Sarasota and St. Pete wants the world to think they're "green"...
Submitted by Breathless at: May 9, 2011
WHAT is Going ON! The Planes leaving Trails on a Daily basis over our heads! The haze in the air, the glare from around the sun has expanded I cant even look up at the general area and all my pics are full of the differences from the last few years-red yucky tinted smog suddenly now over Gainesville- a non industrial town that promotes a green city full of trees, upside down and circle rainbows directly overhead contained in the newly laid 'exhaust' spread clouds, fake reflective gilded clouds that are not identified in any textbooks. They lay their trails daily-even Christmas day, laced with who knows what causing who knows what kind of damage exponentially on the way down-remember acid rain-what if organic matter GRAS is being used- it could unknowingly contain parasite ovum, it could grow bacteria and fungi on the way down through the atmosphere and everything it lands on. They say its climate control for global warming but who knows how its actually effecting the air or should I say infecting it! Everyone Look up-this Chemtrail Experiment is being done Globally-Who authorized That!!
Submitted by Catahoula at: May 5, 2011
The comments I have read are true. Florida has awful air. The controlled burns are a disgrace to both man and beast. Secondly, the scented laundry soaps and dryer pads smell bad enough to kill a maggot in the soap isle of my favorite shopping place. The vented home laundry dryers put out very harsh chemicals that should be banned. I am in the process of getting my ducks in a row to initiate a full Congressional investigation into the need for these products to be on the market because they are so harmful. I can smell the clothes of my neigbors before I can see them. There is no fresh air in Florida, especially if you want to enjoy the outdoors in the peace and quiet of your own yard or neighborhood. Doesn't anyone wonder why so many children have asthma? The parents of our children use scented laundry soaps and dryer pads. The children smell these chemicals all day long and then the harmful smells are on the children's bedding all night long. Plug-in- the-wall electric air fresheners should be banned. I can not use hair shampoo because I can no longer find one that is not scented. Give your pet a bath and chances are that the soap you used was scented and the pet brings that awful scent into your house. I can go on and on but I think my points have been made. Thank you American Lung Association for letting me express my opinions. Maybe, together, we can stop the clothes washed and dried in scented soaps from ruining the lungs of our Americans who should be able to breathe clean air.
Submitted by vicarus at: May 2, 2011
Dade/City Zephyrhills, Pasco County. If measurements of particulates were done in East Pasco they would be over the top! We have a huge problem with open burning of yard waste, garbage and even construction debris by residents outside of the city limits. As a person with chronic lung issues and diabetes the lingering smoke after sunset causes me severe distress. There does not appear to be any reporting/enforcement mechanism for the burning laws. Don't consider living here if you have health issues or wish to stay healthy! I moved from Utah to get away from air pollution but Pasco County has become worse in the last 20 years than Salt Lake ever was!
Submitted by SUMO at: April 28, 2011
Stop Public smoking Already!!!We are a very poor example of Human when we continue to allow this. We must join for the common Good and lead our world for the Better!
Submitted by pretzy at: April 27, 2011
Where are air meters located for Orlando-Deland-Daytona? Your results contradict the EPA. Why such disparity? Are air meters in "city" or "over water" locales?
Submitted by Jeff at: April 27, 2011
Where is Charlotte County?
Submitted by tired of it at: April 27, 2011
toooo much humidity,
Submitted by Alexandra at: April 27, 2011
Since I live in Florida, I got lung and thyroid nodules. Is it the air, the fact I live in Town & Country, close to Tampa International Airport, or the pesticides, fertilizers in food? I forgot the last time I could breathe deeply, there is always some car driving by or close by or some plane flying over on bike trails. Lucky enough to have some trees around my house, but so few. My lungs can feel it and they are craving for fresh mountain air.
Submitted by oz at: April 27, 2011
Panama City Florida. The paper mill and the chemical plant make it impossible to walk outside when the wind is light or out of the east. We have complained but all they say is they meet standards. The smell is terrible and it makes it hard to breath.

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