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Submitted by Anastasia at: August 23, 2011
I live in a large apartment complex and recently a new tenant moved in below me. He smokes multiple times a day on his balcony and it travels through my open windows and invades my apartment. I woke up today at 1:30am coughing, realizing I was deeply breathing in his toxic, suffocating smoke. I called my manager who said he would ask this tenant to decrease his smoking and/or do so inside his own apartment. In the meantime, should I keep my windows closed at all times? Shouldn't there be some rule of NO SMOKING within a certain number of feet from the apartment, and NO SMOKING on an apartment balcony? I will be here for at least another year and am very frustrated. Is there anything I can do?
Submitted by moe at: August 19, 2011
since911 i have noticed an increasingly large number of white particles in the air best veiwed at night with a flashlight has anyoneelse noticed this?
Submitted by ConcordTom at: May 8, 2011
El Dorado County rises from 500 feet elevation just outside of crowded Sacramento Valley to over 6000 feet at South Lake Tahoe 80 miles away in a completely separate eco-zone. I am certain that are big differences in air quality between the two ends of this county! Where were the measurements taken? Same with Placer County!
Submitted by Jim at: May 7, 2011
We have 58 counties in California Alpine, Mono, Lassen, Modoc, Sierra, Yuba, Trinity, Del Norte are missing
Submitted by Your page is Misleading at: April 28, 2011
Why does this page only emphasize the areas that need improvement instead of really demonstrating that there has been amazing improvement so far? That would reinforce the actions of private and public individuals who have played a major role in this development. Instead, your emphasis of certain facts makes all current policy and private actions seem irrelevant despite the MAJOR improvements that have transpired. Clean up your act and present the facts in an unbiased manner.
Submitted by Sal Paradise at: April 28, 2011
It's nice to know that, according to the report, in California there is no difference in the air quality between Santa Clara County and Riverside County. Both places received an "F". Except when you add up the numbers, Santa Clara had 13 colored days, and Riverside had 282. Santa Clara may indeed rate an "F", but there is no way it is in the same category as Riverside. You guys need to either revise your ratings, or add some more letters to the bottom of the scale.
Submitted by Jigger at: April 28, 2011
The American Lung Ass report (intentionally shortened!) for 2011 seems to be deeply flawed. It shows San Luis Obispo county rating an "F" for smog (ozone) even though there is almost NO smog, but SLO county got an "A" rating for particulates when we actually have many days each year with horrible dust due to the wind, the beaches, dry sandy soil, and the fact that we allow recreational vehicles to drive in the sand on the beaches. Yet this report shows that there were NO high particulate days in the county! What idiot did this report and how can it be so WRONG??
Submitted by Patty at: April 27, 2011
I have at least 100 pictures of our sky being sprayed, and the persistant contrails left to cloud up the sky. You can google California Skywatch to watch Rosiland Peterson's methodical, well researched video explaining who and what they are spraying on us, the trees, our food, our water and the animals....WE ARE BREATHING POISON. EPA won't report it.

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